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Here you will find information about the curriculum, its background, lead provincial representatives, as well as information on how to take the course or become a curriculum facilitator.

Why Focus on Injury?

Injury is the leading cause of death and disability for Canadians ages 1-44 years, and a major cause of disability and death for seniors. The seriousness of this health and safety issue requires consolidated efforts at a number of levels in order to achieve an effective and efficient approach to its reduction.

The Canadian Injury Prevention Curriculum

The Canadian Injury Prevention Curriculum (CIPC) is the only curriculum designed to provide practitioners with an understanding of the theory and practice of injury prevention, including the tools needed to develop and implement effective programs. This unique resource is based on Canadian content and features an interactive curriculum.

 The CIPC is taught over a two-day workshop that includes the following topics:

 • The epidemiology of injury

• The principles of injury prevention

•  The basic injury data systems

• Applied research and planning methodology

•  Program development, implementation and evaluation

This CIPC is meant for adult learners who conduct research activities or develop, implement or evaluate programs aimed at reducing the frequency and severity of both intentional and unintentional injury.

The Canadian Collaborating Centres on Injury Prevention (CCCIP) has recently undergone an extensive process of revising the curriculum for a second edition, based upon four years of evaluation feedback from participants.